Chromatic Warm Up Exercise #1


This is one of the first exercises I ever learned to help develop my alternate picking speed and dexterity. Its a simple exercise but there are a few key points to get the maximum impact out of it.


  1. USE ALTERNATE PICKING - In other words, you start with a downstroke, next is an upstroke etc etc ..DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP....
  2. DO IT SLOW! - Basically do it as fast as you can COMPLETELY clean (no glitches). This is almost always slow. Then build up your speed daily from there
  3. DO IT WITH A METRONOME - This is key with everything you practice. It helps to see your progress each day.
  4. DO IT UP TO THE 12 FRET - Do the exercise all the way up neck to 12th fret and back down. Should take 5 mins
  5. DO IT DAILY - Its a great warmup to do daily

Hope this helps...leave comments below and let me know how its working for you. Ill upload more in the coming weeks.


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