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Taylor Johnson Interview – Guitar, Influences, Logic sessions, & Crankin’ Your Amp!

So I’m planning on doing a few fun interviews with friends of mine and the first one happens to be my buddy Taylor Johnson. Taylor is known for his work as a guitarist with Phil Wickham…but he has a pretty extensive list of artists he’s recorded with as well (listed

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“Here In This Place” Links! Whats Ur Fav streaming service for music??

Happy New Year Friends! This post is for those who have asked for links to my songs on their specific platform. But as i was posting this it got me thinking… I wonder which one people love the most? Spotify? Apple Music? Amazon Music? Tidal? Please leave a comment below

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Chord charts for “Here In This Place” songs

              1.) Your Glory Your Glory – rhythm chart (Key of A) Your Glory – Chord Sheet – A Your Glory – lyric sheet 2.) Hard Pressed Hard Pressed – Rhythm chart Hard Pressed lyric sheet 3.) Everlasting Way Everlasting Way – rhythm chart

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“Here In This Place” Review – Worship Leader Magazine

Check out the September/October issue of Worship Leader Magazine for the latest review of “Here In This Place” Thanks to Jay Akins for a great review!

“Hope For America” // Harvest Worship Band

This is a song written for the Harvest America crusade on August 26th, 2012. Pastor Greg Laurie asked us to write a theme for it. ¬†Written by ¬†Hanz Ives, Bill Batstone, Raymond Gregory, Steve Wiggins, & Tim Nienhuis   [youtube id=”f_PDndoPECQ” width=”600″ height=”350″] HarvestAmerica.com

Tim Nienhuis

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